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When you need urgent medical attention or transport, you deserve peace of mind.

Based on the East Coast, ParaFlight is a full-service medical transport company dedicated to providing dependable, compassionate and customized care and service to patients and medical teams worldwide. Founded by emergency medical professionals, we understand the sensitive, critical needs of medical teams, patients and their families.


We work with an extensive network of vetted operators and partners from across the globe.


"Thank you for flying with my parents as they made their move from California to Illinois to be closer to us. They are close to 90 years old and can't take care of themselves anymore. While this has been a very stressful time for us, you have made the move so much easier for us and them. Just knowing that their flight would be smooth means the world to us."
-Debbie K., Illinois
"Thank you for stepping up to the plate and coordinating our organ flight Friday night of Thanksgiving weekend. From our first phone call to your dispatch line at 2:05 AM, until our team was back at our facility at 11:35 AM, everything ran perfectly. The jet was comfortable, the food was great and Denise, the flight coordinator, kept us posted throughout. Keep up the great work."
-Daniel F., New York
"Thank you for picking me up in New Jersey and flying me home to London. I knew the trip would be challenging, as I require oxygen and a feeding pump wherever I go, and was very concerned about flying. You let me know from the beginning that 'We will take care of everything and please don't worry.' You took care of all flight and medical details with a smile. I was very impressed with the VIP service."
-J.S., London, UK


Air & Ground Transport's nationwide network of jets, helicopters and emergency transport vehicles are always on-call ready to transport your organ, Transplant Team, recipient, and family members door-to-door.​

Dedicated Team

Each procurement has an assigned Organ Transport Coordinator to work hand in hand with your team from the first phone call until organ acceptance in the receiving OR.

24/7 Dispatch's Dispatch center is ready and waiting for your call. Our highly experienced team of coordinators ensure 24/7 reliable multi-aircraft availability, quick response to requests, and aircraft holding, enabling you to save valuable dispatch time.