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ParaFlight is committed to providing dependable, compassionate and customized medical transportation solutions for all in need. Driven by safety and quality care, not profit, our customers and patients always come first.


A week with a very special non-ambulatory young man on a ventilator on his "dream trip" to Israel


Sim Shain, CEO, with one of our privately chartered helicopters


Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer, Officer Alex Guzman, "Bo" and Ben Inzelbuch with Sim Shein, CEO of ParaFlight



THANK YOU for stepping up to the plate and coordinating our organ flight Friday night of Thanksgiving weekend. From our first phone call to your dispatch line at 2:05 AM, until our team was back at our facility at 11:35 AM, everything ran perfectly.

The jet was comfortable, the food was great and Denise, the flight coordinator, kept us posted throughout. Keep up the great work.


16 hours. Teterboro-Alabama-Houston-Teterboro-Newark Beth Israel. 2 babies, 2 NICU crews.

Two babies home safely. One successful mission!


I’m on a power wheelchair and ventilator due to my medical condition. The thought of flying was very overwhelming for me and my parents. Once you met with us, reviewed my medical records and equipment and assured us that you would make all of the arrangements. We were very comfortable. May you always have the ability to continue helping people.


THANK YOU for flying with my parents as they made their move from California to Illinois to be closer to us. They are close to 90 years old and can’t take care of themselves anymore. While this has been a very stressful time for us, you have made the move so much easier for us and them. Just knowing that their flight would be smooth means the world to us.


Thank you for picking me up in New Jersey and flying with me back home to London. I knew the trip would be very challenging, as I require oxygen and a feeding pump wherever I go, and was very concerned about flying.

You let me know from the beginning that ‘we will take care of everything and please don’t worry.’ You took care of all flight and medical details with a smile. I was very impressed with the VIP service in the USA and in England. Keep up the great work!


Thank you very much for flying us and our eight-month-old baby to San Francisco for cardiac treatment and picking us up two weeks later. Our child has a significant heart and lung condition and only one hospital agreed to treat him.

From the first time you came to visit us in our home to help prepare, we knew we were in good hands. Your doctor consulted with our medical team and once the clearance was done, you took care of everything. May you always have the ability to continue helping people.


 With Yalla and Birthright. Day one of 10! We are privileged to be part of this once in a lifetime trip.

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