Heroes Of The COVID Crisis: How Sim Shain & ParaFlight Helped Transport Immunocompromised People During the Pandemic

As a part of my series about Heroes Of The COVID Crisis, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sim Shain. Sim Shain, Founder, and CEO of ParaFlight EMS and Aviation and OrganFlights.com have led an impressive twenty-seven-year career working in the pre-hospital emergency medical space. He is a noteworthy leader who takes on challenging responsibilities leading corporate, medical, and charity flights and missions, specializing in organ transplants.

Five Minutes in Healthcare – featuring Sim Shain

In this installment, I check in with Sim Shain, CEO of ParaFlight EMS and Aviation, a company that facilitates the transport of organ transplants, medical teams and organ recipients. We discuss the challenges of organ transplant, how the company coordinates flights for organ transplants and medical teams, and the impact of COVID-19 on the transplant business.

Life Saving App

The OrganFlights app coordinates everything that takes place between a hospital and a medical flight. The hospital or transplant center worker taps the app and enters the info.

Lifesaving App

OrganFlights.com offers an app that helps ensure organ transplants go smoothly. It might be something to mention to your doctor, if you or a loved one is in need of a transplant.

Life-Saving App Expedites Organ Transplant Medical Flights

When it comes to organ transplants, there is no time to lose trying to find a medical flight. In order to simplify and expedite the process, what is needed is a centralized network hub that can work out all the details, explains Sim Shain, CEO and Founder of ParaFlight EMS and Aviation, and OrganFlights.com.