How ParaFlight Is Meeting the Needs of Hospitals and Patients

When we think about the modern needs of hospitals and patients, we tend to focus on the countless details happening in the buildings themselves. We might think of the doctors and nurses and the equipment, and especially recently, of the sanitation.

Saving Lives Through Flights: ParaFlight, a Mission-Driven Company Making a Difference

In 2021, there were over 41,000 organ transplants in the United States. Those who have experienced the process, who know someone who is waiting, or are waiting themselves, know that the wait and the urgency can be heartbreaking. After losing a patient he had grown to know, who was listed on the Lung Transplant list, but passed away before a match, Sim Shain realized that he could use his knowledge as a paramedic and connections in the industry to help simplify the organ transplant system. He started his company, ParaFlight, and has been saving lives ever since.

How ParaFlight is Changing Medical Transport Around the World

Sim Shain acquired a burning passion for saving other people’s lives at a young age that would end up defining him as an adult.

His father was an emergency medical technician. Sim remembers how his dad would drop anything and everything when he needed to go and assist his local squad during an emergency.

682 Organ Transplant Flights

In this episode, we speak with the Founder and CEO of ParaFlight and OrganFlights about life-saving organ transplant flights. There’s a lot more to this than you might think, and it’s a conversation you’ll want to hear.