NJ Company OrganFlights Plays a Key Role in Transplant Process

The coronavirus put extra pressure on almost every segment of the medical community. In the organ-transplant industry, organ demand was up and supply decreased. Many transplant centers shut down, and patients had to be removed from organ waiting lists.

ParaFlight EMS is Helping Save Lives

Sim Shain, founder and CEO of Lakewood-based ParaFlight EMS, began his EMS career 28 years ago in Howell Township, and he has been helping save lives ever since. A nationally registered paramedic and member of the Lakewood Township Water Rescue Team, Shain earned the Paramedic of the Year Award from the State of New Jersey in 2012. He was also a 9-11 first responder.

Medical Flight Missions Expand, Adjust through 2021

When Sim Shain was seven years old, his father had just become an emergency medical technician, volunteering for a local New York ambulance squad, Hatzolah EMS. “I used to watch him run out of our home and his business to go and save lives,” said Shain. “I said, ‘When I get older, I want to save lives too.’”

Meet Sim Shain of Hatzolah

When Sim Shain was 7 years old, his father would run out of the house in the middle of dinner to help save lives. Mr. Shain was a founding member of the Lakewood, New Jersey emergency rescue organization called Hatzolah, and Sim decided that when he grew up, he would join Haztolah, too.

Lakewood Resident Develops Application That Coordinates Organ Transplant Transportation

Veteran emergency and flight paramedic Sim Shain, founder and CEO of ParaFlight EMS and Aviation and OrganFlights.com, keeps his eye on the clock when he and a crew are making an organ transplant flight.

Hearts and lungs only last up to six hours. Kidneys last up to 36 hours, and livers up to 15 hours. In a country where up to 113,000 people are on waiting lists for transplants, dozens of organs are discarded because they do not reach their destinations in time, according to a report by a health news service.